DESTACAR project has the objetive to develop new technologies and methodologies for processing and inspection of multi-material components with the aim of increasing productivity and quality of their manufacturing processes.

The key for development of new manufacturing and processing technologies adapted to multi-material components is twofold:

  • 1. Development and application of new non-conventional manufacturing technology applied to the direct improvement of the production process. DESTACAR will address the development of new manufacturing technology of high-tech features through research in automation and robotic flexible and high precision manufacturing, the development of new production systems reconfigurable and adaptive and research in new technologies / tools of multi-material processing .
  • 2. Development and implementation of new quality control systems that ensure the production in early stages of production, requiring the definition of new specific repair procedures. DESTACAR proposes the development of technology of nondestructive early inspection based on lock-in multifrequency thermography techniques, allowing the detection of defects in manufacturing, reducing in this way repair times and increasing the efficiency and quality of the production process.

Thus, DESTACAR project will amend processing and production of composite and multi-material components, leading to an effective improvement and cost and materials reduction that will generate new business opportunities to productive sectors involved (manufacturing companies, service industry, engineering, etc.. ) and in particular, companies that are part of the project. This way, given the multi-sectoral nature of technology to develop,it will provide the Galician community of technology and knowledge necessary to achieve lower costs and increase quality in the processing of composites, which can be extended to every other sectors that currently employ.

The complexity of this dual objective mandates the set of a consortium of companies with complementary capabilities in robotics, flexible automation of processes, manufacturing engineering, analysis and signal/image processing and knowledge of processing composite materials and multimaterial components: COASA, UTINGAL, DECUNA and SYSPRO.

It will involve the AIMEN Technology Center and the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), which contribute with their knowledge in robotics and process control, science and materials engineering, inspection by non-destructive techniques and manufacturing processes and laser technologies experience.

This project has been supported by the CDTI, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Galician Agency for Innovation (AGI) and the Technology Fund.