Established in 2004, Syspro Engineering has worked in a diversity of industrial sectors required automated systems to improve productivity and requiring industrial automated systems to improve productivity and efficiency: Food and beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Wood, Sanitation, Metallurgy, tertiary, etc.

The objective of Syspro is to create added value, applying to all of the projects in which we participate our knowledge of advanced technologies in order to achieve the project objectives in the most effective manner.

In this section are some examples of projects carried out.

More detailed information can be requested on other projects carried out by Syspro, amongst them:

  • Automation of a cutting maching using Beckoff Twincat.

  • Data acquisition system of cold storage and reporting for veterinary checks.

  • Data capture system in pharmaceutical packaging lines, automatic analysis of down times and OEE calculations.

  • 3D guidance system for robot bodywork sealant application using Stereo vision.

  • Automation of industrial refrigeration units.

  • WTP Al Gaili (Sudán).

  • WQI - Welding Quality Inspection System, developed with machine vision and COGNEX / HALCON technologies.

  • Automation of RO water treatment plant Veolia.

  • Global control system for an aluminum plant utilizing Rockwell FactoryTalk.

  • Fermenter Control system in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Batch Control of chromatography equipment.

  • Control of freeze dryers.

  • Programming of a Wonderware control system for airports.

  • Control system and data acquisition for AVE tunnels.

  • Automation of reactors in the chemical industry.

  • Stations CIP / SIP for food and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Validation of control systems following GaMP in pharmaceutical industry.