Syspro has a workforce comprised of engineers with over ten years experience in manufacturing plants worldwide and advanced knowledge of GaMP.


Syspro encompass all phases of a project, providing expertise to various industries areas:

  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical

    Syspro has been responsible for automation, commissioning and validation of a variety of systems in research and production plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, covering a wide variety of processes in these plants.
  • Automotive

    Syspro has been consistantly involved in the automotive sector, in which they have carried out projects in line automation, robotics, integration of machine vision systems in assembly lines, process control and improvements in production and quality control.
  • Metallurgy

    Syspro has handled integration of tools, actuators and instrumentation automated equipment in metallurgical plants.
  • Water purification

    Syspro has developed systems for monitoring, automation and remote control in water treatment plants (Water purification, wastewater treatment, pumping stations ...).
  • Food and beverage

    Syspro has completed projects for data acquisition, monitoring and analysis of processes for industrial refrigeration and precooked food. Furthermore, Syspro has undertaken numerous projects of quality control using machine vision and robotics in this sector.
  • Wood

    Syspro has worked encompassing the different stages of the production of wood-based panels, such as debarking, transport, drying and plating.